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welcome to york rite sovereign college of north america

The York Rite Sovereign College of North America exists primarily to be of service to the York Rite of Freemasonry. Constituent colleges must declare fealty to the Grand Lodge of their respective jurisdictions. The pre-requisite for membership, which is by invitation only, is good standing in all four York Rite bodies: Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery or Preceptory (Canada.)

A Great Future Starts Here

(Left to right) George J. Ristow, Clifford A. Taylor, W. Edward Dewey,
Francis M. Dodge, James Fairbairn Smith, Richard W. Lewis
Robert S. Spencer

Lewis and his companions were beginning to evolve a different concept, a different approach to the problem of coordination of York Rite activities. To overcome the problem of separation and self-interest, they conceived of a new York Rite Body which would require its members to belong to Chapter, Coun­cil and Commandery, and would have as its primary purpose the giving of whatever aid was most appropriate to the other York Bodies in its area. It would provide a place for York Rite Masons to meet and work together, not as Chapter, Council, or Commander members, but as York Rite Masons.                                                                                                          Excerpt from York Rite Sovereign College History Book

A Message from our Governor General

Welcome to the York Rite Sovereign College webpage!

Please take the time to look around, as it has a lot of information that should be useful to you.

I especially hope that you look at the FORMS section. Here you will find the many forms needed for the proper operation of your respective Colleges. The annual report form is now online, in a fillable form.

We will have an EDUCATION section, where you will find several articles that you can use for College presentations, as well as being able to present these articles to the Lodges, Chapters, Council or Commanderies or Preceptories in your areas. Your Education Committee is working hard to add new papers, so if you have something to offer, reach out to them.

If you want something that will help you or your colleges, please let us know. As new information becomes available, it will be added.

Our emphasis during this current biennium will be on education, patriotism and our youth. By providing programs to assist our colleges with education and patriotism, we can accomplish two of the purposes of our Order. And I feel we need to stress our support for our youth.

Companions Knights, please consider a visit to one of their Conclaves, Assemblies, or Bethels. Your financial support is always welcomed, and needed, but it is important for us to demonstrate our support in a more visual manner. Your presence and your encouragement will go a long way in accomplishing this objective.

Let’s work together to make our Colleges stronger, and continue to lead in our respective jurisdictions.

Governor General 2022 – 2024



On Sunday November 12, 2023, Alicia Atkinson contacted me to let us know that her husband James bout with cancer took an unexpected turn for the worse on Friday. James was hospitalized and on Saturday was sent to a hospice care facility where he will be made as confrontable as possible. Family members are taking turns staying with James day and night.

Alicia requested that I let everyone know that she was doing fine and to tell everyone hello.

As updates become available, the Sovereign College office will update you. Please keep James, Alicia and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

While we were in the process of sending out the above, we received information which necessitated an update. Alicia informed us this morning that James passed to his eternal reward last night. A public funeral or memorial service will not be held at James’ request. The family plans an intimate celebration of life at a date to be determined.

Once more, please keep Alicia and her entire family in your thoughts and prayers during their time of sorrow.


A comprehensive directory of colleges by number, state/province.

York Rite Crusader

Stay up-to-date on our latest news, download the latest crusader here.


We hope to see everyone at the 2024 General Assembly, held this year at the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky!